Identificazione di waterborne pathogens in acque termali tramite metodiche colturali e molecolari


Despite the Italian and European Directives recommends the good quality of natural mineral waters some literature data assert a potential risk from microorganisms colonizing thermal wellsprings and distribution plants. We evaluated the presence of microorganisms in thermal spring waters samples.
Routine microbiological indicators and additional microorganisms like Legionella spp. and Nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM), were assessed in 24 water samples performing cultural and molecular methods.
In 1 out of 24 samples a cultivable bacteria ( Mycobacterium gilvum) was found. qPCR showed the presence of Legionella qPCR units in 8% of samples, with counts of 1,1×10 2 and 2×10 2 UG/L. NTM qPCR units were detected in 13% of samples, with a mean count of 3,7×10 4 ±4,1×10 3 UG/L.
Considering the absence of disinfection procedures for thermal water and the presence of waterborne pathogens genome this study underline the importance of the microbiological risk evaluation in thermal waters.

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  • M. Totaro
  • P. Valentini
  • L. Frendo
  • A. Costa
  • B. Casini
  • A. Baggiani


    • Acque termali
    • qPCR
    • Waterborne pathogens


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