Gastroenterologia e terapia idroponica


The aim of this review is to consider an update on the real therapeutic possibility of the thermal
medicine in the functional gastrointestinal and liver disorders. In this setting we focused on the economic and health indicators for the assessment of the impact of thermal therapies in reducing the health costs. The mineral waters analyzed had been: bicarbonate, sulphate, bicarbonate-sulphate-alkaline, sulphate-bicarbonate waters salso-sulphate-alkaline and others. Methods, the obtained results, the possible mechanisms are reported. Mineral water therapy determined a improvement on clinical symptoms. The functional dyspepsia, the irritable bowel syndrome, the functional constipation and the functional disorders of the biliary tract, are the illness for which the drinking mineral waters could give a valid therapeutic support.
Mineral water therapy determined a improvement on clinical symptoms in these patients. Furthermore, this treatment reduced gastrointestinal drug consumption per year and the number of working days missed. The studies confirms the utility of drinking mineral water in the treatment of some gastrointestinal syndromes. However he efficacy of thermal treatment with mineral water on gastrointestinal diseases remains to be further clarified.

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  • G. Bresci
  • R. Sacco
  • G. Caliò



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